Another Monday…

I started my day getting up later than usual, probably struggling with fear and avoidance about facing him again. There are so many emotions which were intensified by forgotten dreams during the night, and include the anger towards myself for not being as productive as I originally wanted to be during the weekend. Got late to work, talked to two people who seemed to be even more confused about their lives than myself, but the difference is that it is part of my job to help them to figure their real emotions and what they want from others and life in general. It is a ironic reality that I am much better understanding others than myself and I can sense others people’s feelings apparently more than others.

I can summarize their conversation into learning pearl: We need to have a sense of self to find a route in our lives. When we don’t even have an idea of what our hearts long for, it is too easy just get lost with the flow.

quote-without-self-knowledge-without-understanding-the-working-and-functions-of-his-machine-man-cannot-george-gurdjieff-76857 images im-one-of-the-worlds-most-self-conscious kahlil-gibran Quotation-Abraham-Verghese-mystery-self-awareness-man-Meetville-Quotes-50601 quote-without-self-knowledge-without-understanding-the-working-and-functions-of-his-machine-man-cannot-george-gurdjieff-76857

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