Movie: One Hundred Foot Journey

I watched this movie before going to sleep.  I found it to be simple, nice and sweet.  A story of a family from India who moves to somewhere in rural france and decide to set up an Indian Restaurant.  I enjoyed and made me hungry. I love food movies so I am bias.  I ended up buying a cookbook of Indian Cuisine and another one of healthy dishes.  It just reminded me of the simple pleasures of life like cooking and creating dishes.  Cooking for me is a sign of my mind being in a Zen Mode! but it has not been like that in a long time.  Maybe I should not wait to feel relaxed and balance and cook…Maybe I should use cooking as one of the way to balance my life and feel pleased with myself. By the way, I found Manish Dayal very handsome and cute =).

hundred-foot-journeySpicesTHE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEYmanish dayal

Just to finish this post, I thought to add some comments regarding my current state of mind:  Hungry =)

food1 food2 food3 food4

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