Disapointment or Betrayal

Today has been an intersting day.  I loved and trusted someone and although I got to know at times that he did not love me back as a girl, and suspected even the friendship was more in my mind, and I didnt expect him to be so despicable.  It is not the worst act ever, but if you compare to the amount of love that I communicate the betrayal is feels so deep.  I never was so open about my love feelings like this before, but what did I get?  My love was mocked, it was seen as neediness, it was undermined and it was a product of gossip including even someone who had been an object of infatuation in the past.  He did not even care enough about me to keep my pride. No, he did the opposition. He most likely divulged my feelings.  I was living in a fantasy world. I thought he cared even a little bit about me.  I was sorry for tarnishing the friendship with my feelings, but there was never friendship.  I was just someone who gave attention and wrote “long paragraphs”.  You are going to be out of my life.

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