Move on, love yourself and be happy!! (Good Bye and Hello World)

I finally decided to cut ties with him…the memories would be always with me and I do appreciate the learning opportunities given to me with our crazy and chaotic relationship…however, the drama and the painful interactions are stubborn and do not want to move forward that phase.  I cannot take it anymore in tha way.  It could have been mostly my imagination and wishes playing a trick on me and I was the only one who loved and cared so much…maybe there was some true feelings from his side, but I never got to truly know…There were no clear actions to give me hope either for friendship or romantic relationship.  I wanted him on my life…but It was extremely draining, painful and most likely impossible to keep it going only with my efforts.  I would love to know the truth about what happened to him during that year that we shared together…but I guess…so many things in life need to be left unresolved…as it is out of your control.   I know I am not closing the door 100%, people and past experiences are part of who we are….but what I am doing it is that I am not going out of my way anymore…I will look ahead..I will try to live and move on.  Continue to explore myself and the world…and love and grow as much as possible.

Bye Bye FML and who knows if our paths will cross again. (Signed 07-12-15)

Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future (and present) happiness. Steve Maraboli.

(PS.  The quote images should be read in reverse order…I uploaded them backwards and I am too lazy (or maybe it is unconsciously drived) to change them.

Move on 20! Move on 19 Move On Quotes (Happiness Quotes) 0019-0021 (1) move one 18 happiness move 18 move 17 move 16 move on 15 move on 14 move on 13 move on 12 move on 11 move on 10 move on 9 move on 7 move on 7 move 6 move on 5 move on 4 move on 3 move on 2 move on 1

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