Going back to Watch Good Movies

Reminder to self: My Kdrama and general Asian Drama addiction, I think It had affected my growth as a person and professional.  I know why I do it, romantic plots, many of them are light and helps me escape from the challenges from the reality.  And I would never regret spending time on many of them or watching future dramas.  The issue is the time used.  I could do other things with life.  Like watching different movies as I used to do before, reading more, explore other hobbies, etc, and doing something more than staying in the comfort  my bed and/or couch and get anxious on Sunday evening of all the things that I didn’t do.

I watched two movies recently.  Black Panther in the theater (one week ago) and Get out today.  When I was in Colombia, I used to try to watch a good movie or go to the theater at least once a week.  I love Black Panther. Get out was a really awesome movie too.  My plan is to review at least one of those movies and communicate my thoughts or feelings when I watched them.  I also should write the story of my life, or at least start writing about the Afrocolombian experience.  There are no many movies about the struggle of afrolatino in Latin America or US.

I hope to come back soon!! =)   I wanted to add a could quote about movies, not from a movie, but i failed in my enterprise, so I would just attach some pics that seemed fairly interesting to me when I was doing the search.

Update:  I didn’t attach them because I forgot how I used to do it in this blog.  I really need to explore this more or just take a course ^_^

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