Unrequited love

  1. I know this is freaking unrequited love, but you know what, I feel ok. I accept he wouldn’t love me in a romantic way and I just want to do good as a Friend. Someday a person would find me unique, would love me for who I am and I would love them too. In the time being, try to spread as much love that you can give, without having the expections of being loved back. That would have never happen. It is my fault from being fat and not taking a good care of myself. But I could do it, and things would be so different. I just want someone who can love me for who I am, with imperfections, with craziness, he would find amusing and love me so much that he don’t want a life without him.

I pray for that love and I hope to find it, at least for a long period of time, and it is possible, for the rest my lives.

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