Is my mood and emotional reactions all over the place due to my luteal phase? or should I care about what happened?



These are some facts that happened today, so I can analyze them better when I can have time to meditate silly things that are in my mind.  It’s in general a message for me as I put myself in masochistic situations at times (It’s not necessarily related to what I would write below).


  •  He left without saying a goodbye kiss on the cheek.  I always do, and he has done it in the past.  Said good bye several times.  It does not seem that he forgot, it was intentional.  Was it because I was still in bed?  He was worried about his future plan? or who I am overthinking this in a crazy way.
  • I told him that I wanted my place to get cleaned and little bit more organized before bringing his friend over, that his friend could stay and I didn’t mind it.  I was supposed to go to work but I didn’t.  He didn’t send me message and just came with his friend. If I hadn’t been in my apartment who would just ignored what I told him and keep it secret.  I am making a big deal in the part that he lies so often, and upsets me. So i don’t know when to believe certain things that he said.
  • He went for lunch with his friend, he probably knew that i would have said that I was busy, but he could have asked what I was going to eat, if i wanted to go with them or I would have bring you something to eat if I were not going to a place later.
  • He is acting in an awkward way.  I may be in a very bad mood, but I am thinking right now that he is a small parasite…I have tried to make it a symbiosis but it always favors him…
  • Now, stopped having this ridiculous thoughts that you may regret very soon, and continue working.
  • Just try to relax and try to feel ok.


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