Please, Do not get confused again.

These last days have been very interesting.  Professionally, you have had to give two  presentations and one presentation in left in your annual meeting of shrinks.  Your friend, who has been the recent focus of the blog got very sick from hangover, your whole schedule of activities that you were going to do, it became a mess.

You took care of him seriously, you wanted him to feel better, but you had to admit that you also like his company and being able to massage his body.  It was sweet and it felt somehow that balanced your life a little bit.  He was very grateful and behave very nicely and sweet in the past few days, as he never been.  These are usually dangerous behaviors that can make you think of him from a different light.  The part of you, who dreams with the time that he would be yours, but that won’t happen and most likely it is not good for you.  He likes attention and he can never be yours.  He is always wants to fill his heart with women who are paying attention to you and physically, he has been very clear that you are not his type.

He likes his drama and after everything that happened, he is going back and forth from his recent ex to the old one.  He  does not set up good barriers with them.  As cute and nice, he can be, please do not get confused.  He does not like you, you have been in the most unusual tempting situations and DOES NOTHING.  Please get it, he is not interested in you. Just continue seeing him as a friend, and do not imagine crazy ideas, as you could see a future with him, that you would like to wake up every night with him, etc.  Anyway remember that in the past, he has never chosen you and never will.


Dear blog diary.




















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