I hate you, but I hate myself even more for falling into your cloud dozen times…h

I already had a glass of wine plus some milliliters of the brief wine tasting near my house.  With my meal in the belly, 1 1/2 glass of wine and the recent discoveries that he chose a a perfume based on his ex-recommendation (the same one who apparently had tried to attempt suicide after he broke up with her, the same that he cheated on her with his ex of 4 yrs, the same one that he forgot for a month, and the same one that now they are talking every day).

You are just so freaking stupid.  How do you dare to have even romantic hopes with someone who just continuously breaks your heart?  You brought expensive dinner to celebrate weeks of stressed out behavior, but does he say?  I don’t want to eat now.   He really does not care about your feelings, he only follows what he thinks he should, his moral beliefs, he does not try to understand how you feel about things. He has been clear about his feelings and intentions thousand of times, it’s you the one who continues building castles of love, opportunities and hope.  His words have destroyed those opportunities, it does not matter what his behavior says, that could be just hormonal or because he feels physically lonely. He does not mind to adapt to your needs at all.  Wastes all his time in the afternoon, and then decides to study especially when you are at home.

Forget about him, he does not love you.  It is sad but you are the last person he thinks about it.  Go away, be free, break your chains.

Bye, bye painful obsession, I hope I can get rid of you tonight…forever because you are causing me so much pain, you don’t love me, and never will.  I just insist in believing in fairy tales.


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