Quick Walk through my neighborhood – Lower East Side, NY

After work, I meet a friend, went to eat Ramen in a place where they bring a new chef from Japan very 1-2 months. Interesting place, where the only people who can get a seat are kids and people with disabilities, if you don’t meet this criteria, you need to enjoy your ramen standing. I also got to try a new Japanese beer, call Orión. The server felt strongly that we needed to accompany the Ramen with beer.

Ohmi and Red Hot Chanpon

I really like the Buta Moyashi (3rd picture). After that we went for a 20 min walk. Even though my friend was the idea to walk, he was the one who seemed to be in a rush and the brief seconds that I spent taking pictures (the day was really nice) were stressing him out as we need it to do some work at home. I told him that I kinda have accepted my current present: Having many things to do and responsibilities so I should try not to increase my cortisol levels and enjoy the little bit the nature that it is around. There is a beautiful garden that I didn’t know it was a community one, I didn’t take pictures because it is close to my home and I could do it when I have more time and I can immerse myself completely in the beauty of the surroundings.

They are not great pictures but good memories for me.

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