There are people who show me their appreciation without knowing me as much or doing many things from them. If the people

I loved, just took me for granted, didn’t give me value and wasn’t afraid of losing me, that’s a sign that they shouldn’t be an important part of your life. It was tough to learn the lesson but I finally understood. I don’t want people like that in my life, unless they bring positive things into my life despite of not caring. He didn’t care about destroying my feelings and world and why should I do it for someone who ignored my feelings and words just because he judged them as complaints but never understood de meaning. He probably lost one of the people who loved him the most without expecting much, but I did trust a friendship that ended up being fake or one sided. If you cannot recognize the pain of that person who has loved you so much, it means you couldn’t give few seconds to think about my happiness. I don’t want a person like that to represent a meaningful part of my life. The mourning is horrible but your words and acts say everything and that’s would I would trust and remember. I clean cut it is better than having faith in someone who disappointed you, in every ocasión when you want to belief something more powerful and magic.

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